About Dr. Maris

I am a clinical psychologist and received my license to practice in the state of 
Arkansas in 1979. Prior to that time, I taught in the Psychology Department at Appalachian State University (now the University of North Carolina at Boone). I have practiced in both private and state psychiatric hospitals, served as a consultant in both educational and corporate settings, and overseen clinical services in several facilities. Currently, I have been in private practice in Little Rock for almost 30 years.

Throughout my career, I have had the opportunity to work with varied patient populations and a wide spectrum of ages. I served as co-director of the children’s unit in a private psychiatric facility, treating elementary-aged through young adult patients. I worked for three years in a college counseling center dealing with young adults and providing relational and career guidance. I also have experience with and a heart for elderly patients.

In my private practice, I offer a wide variety of treatment modalities, including individual counseling and psychotherapy, vocational counseling, group therapy (when sufficient need arises), marital therapy, and family therapy. I also offer services as a consultant in resolving issues of communication, interaction, and giftedness that arise in businesses, schools, churches, leadership teams, etc. I do not, however, specialize in or accept requests for evaluations for the courts, custody, disability determinations or other legal related issues.

My mission as a therapist is:

To help each individual, couple and family discover and learn to appreciate and enjoy the unique gifts, talents, and abilities that encompass their unique design; not just remove symptoms and navigate difficulties, but to restore to a full, productive and joy-filled life and relationships.

You can see a more comprehensive record of my professional career, training, and experience in the form of my Curriculum Vitae here.