Individual Psychotherapy

At the heart of my approach to effective psychotherapy is an emphasis on knowing and treating the individual. This involves more than just a blanket diagnosis or a prescribed route for treatment. While there are common links between all of our struggles, I understand you have a particular background and set of experiences that make up who you are. You have also been given a unique combination of strengths and gifts to offer to those around you.

In the process of therapy, I seek to walk with the individual as we move beyond the surface of struggles to more fully understand the deeper issues, motivations, and beliefs at work. I believe that with this kind of insight, full recovery is possible even for those at the most hopeless points struggling to find a reason to make it through the day.

Psychotherapy differs from counseling in that it gives more attention to discovering root causes and rerouting life patterns. In my approach, psychotherapy can involve a significant examining of long-held beliefs and the resulting thoughts, emotions, and actions linked to those perceptions. Thus as we investigate your current life situations or causes of stress, we will also draw connections between those situations and the ways in which you perceive, believe, and act in the world.

My first goal in therapy is to move you from points of hopelessness to successful daily functioning and even possible hope. My ultimate aim in this kind of therapy is to do more than patch up problems temporarily or remove the immediate cause of distress. It is my hope and belief that as you better understand your deeper needs, beliefs, and motivations, you will have the insight and ability not only to recover but also to continue walking on the road toward a well-adjusted, productive and joyful life.

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