Family Counseling

Perhaps one of our greatest joys and difficulties in life relates to how we interact with the people around us. Families hold the potential for providing a base of support, encouragement, and stability from which we can venture outside of the home with courage and confidence. For many individuals, however, families become a minefield of insecurities, past grudges, and unspoken expectations that serve as a detriment to our overall health rather than a safe place to come home. Our individual struggles can become entangled in a complex web that requires deliberate, artful unweaving.

Throughout my career, I have counseled families as well as individuals. By meeting and talking with families, I can get a deeper insight into the types of interactions and dynamics that lead to hurtful or unproductive relationships.

By identifying individual strengths and contributions, we will work together to reshape negative or inaccurate perceptions of family members. We will uncover habitual patterns of relating and take tangible steps to choose different interactions and expectations. As a therapist, I find joy and satisfaction in watching as families begin to see one another as valuable individuals with unique gifts and move from accusation or hurt to hope and appreciation.

I would consider it a privelege to be on this journey with you. You can contact me at any time to set up an appointment.