People seek counseling for a broad spectrum of reasons. In some cases, you might seek counseling to deal with an immediate life circumstance, such as:

  • Relational loss
  • Career transition
  • Life stage transition, such as divorce, an empty nest, or a new home
  • Financial insecurity
  • General discontentment or anxiety
  • Recent trauma

You might also have chronic struggles that severely impede your ability to enjoy life fully on a regular or cyclical basis, such as:

  • Recurring behavioral problems
  • Childhood trauma
  • Chronic depression or anxiety
  • More severe mental illness

There are many possibilities for what might motivate you to desire or seek counseling. And it can be difficult to ask for help in dealing with stress, life change, traumatic experiences, major life events or crippling lifelong issues and illnesses.

The reality is, whether your struggle is acute or chronic, seemingly mild or severe, you were never meant to walk through life alone or expected to solve all issues by yourself. An outside and objective perspective can be invaluable in addressing issues and getting out of being “stuck”. There need be no shame or embarrassment in seeking guidance and/or direction as you attempt to navigate life’s ups and downs. I am here to accept you where you are as well as to offer a vision of hope and healing for your future.

I believe in equipping each individual to face life situations with maximum health. My goal in counseling is to walk with you to a place where you have the tools and insights to move beyond just managing or enduring life to fully enjoying life. In this process of counseling, we will work together to help you better understand yourself and your particular struggles, strengths, and gifting. We will also articulate personal goals and the means by which you can move toward those goals in a tangible, lasting way.

I would consider it a privelege to be on this journey with you. You can contact me at any time to set up an appointment.