Vocational Counseling

Your career or vocation is one of many elements that combine to form the whole self. If you are unfulfilled in work, feeling underappreciated, or bored, it invariably affects your overall satisfaction with your life. Yet for many people, even considering making a career change opens up a scary and winding path of potential financial insecurity, identity crisis, or questions of meaning and purpose.

Sorting through college options, choosing a career path for the first time, or reentering the work force after a time of absence can also be equally overwhelming. Even retirement or the end of a career presents daunting questions regarding the next season and perhaps spurs reflection about the impact, success, or purpose of your career. Having someone to help you discover and understand your interests, gifts and priorities and where those might fit within a vocation can lessen the stress of this transition and give you the freedom to be excited about the possibilities before you.

I have years of experience walking with individuals as they evaluate their current work situations, prepare for career beginnings and endings, or make transitions from one job to another.

Vocational coaching looks different than counseling or therapy, focusing more upon identifying your vocational strengths, weaknesses and motivators and where those can best be utilized and appreciated.

Through dialogue and various tools for vocational testing depending on your particular needs, we will take time to:

  • reflect on your career choices in the past.
  • discover what motivates/excites you.
  • find out your strengths and what kinds of careers allow you to utilize those strengths most effectively.
  • explore the variety of options that might be a good fit, whether for career, college, or service.
  • develop career goals and ways in which to move toward those goals.

Who you are at work and what kind of career you invest in can play an integral role in your overall health and satisfaction. As I get to know you as an individual and working professional, I desire to use my experience and perspective to call out and develop your unique strengths in order to make a fulfilling, challenging vocation a reality for you.