Life Coaching

In my role as a life coach, I act as a partner in helping you better understand yourself and your life direction. Life coaching deals less with coping with life struggles, whether current or recurring, and focuses more on discovering what you, as an individual, value and desire to be and to accomplish.

Through dialogue, inventory tools, and hands on application, we will work together to find the direction and meaning inherent in a fulfilled life.

In life coaching sessions together, we will:

  • reflect on your past experiences to name and call out your individual strengths and gifts..
  • identify areas of weakness.
  • dialogue about ways to integrate those strengths/gifts into your career, relationships, and daily life.
  • articulate what it is that you value and what you view as a meaningful life.
  • eliminate excess stress/areas which take away from those values or do not add meaning.
  • work together to make specific goals that line up with those values.

Life coaching can be beneficial regardless of your life season. Whether choosing a career, preparing for marriage, adjusting to parenthood, moving into retirement, or simply seeking deeper meaning, processing life at pivotal points along with someone else can offer you fresh insight, clearer direction, and a deeper appreciation for who you are becoming.